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This workshop shows how to build efficient and scalable browser automation infrastructure using new tools: Selenoid and Ggr. You will be taught why running browsers in containers is efficient and how to easily install Selenoid for local development and create a fault-tolerant cluster with a Ggr load-balancer.

To get started, it is recommended to have some experience with Selenium, Linux shell, and Docker. We also expect to have Docker installed on your computer and have some examples of Selenium tests to run.

Target audience
Course type
1 days
Course duration
10 persons
Average amount in a group
Course level
Theory / practice
Onsite, online
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Workshop agenda

Local browser tests development

Local browser tests development

1) Selenium WebDriver: 20 mins of theory.
— Brief Selenium history
— Current WebDriver architecture
— How Selenoid works
2) Selenoid installation for tests development
— What is required to start Selenoid.
— Manual installation: creating a configuration file, pulling browser images, starting Selenoid.
— Shorter way: fully automated installation with CM tool
— Selenoid UI installation and features.
3) Basic Selenoid features:
— Custom screen resolution
— Looking at the live browser screen
— Recording and downloading video
— Custom test name
4) Updating browsers
— Automatically
— Manually
Creating Selenium WebDriver cluster

Creating Selenium WebDriver cluster

1) Selenium clusters theory.
— Why Selenium Grid is not suitable.
— Client-side load balancing.
— Server-side load-balancing.
— How to share the state. Session ID magic.
— Ggr server. How it works.
2) Setting up Ggr.
— Creating user file
— Creating quota file
— Starting Ggr
— Running tests against Ggr
3) Cluster Maintenance.
— Changing available browsers with no downtime.
— Adding users with no downtime.
— How to deal with multiple quota files.
— Proxying to external commercial Selenium services.
— Adding more Ggr instances. Health checking instances.
Advanced Selenoid features for big clusters

Advanced Selenoid features for big clusters

1) Advanced browsers configuration file fields
— Volumes
— Environment variables
— Tmpfs
— Hosts entries
— Shm Size
2) Sending logs to centralized logs storage.
— Why? ELK (EBK) stack and alternatives.
— How to configure Selenoid to send logs.
3) Sending statistics to centralized metrics storage.
— /status API
— Configuring Telegraf to upload statistics.
— Creating a statistics dashboard with Grafana.
4) Selenoid for Windows browsers.
— How it works without Docker.
— Difference in a configuration file.
— How to run multiple isolated sessions under Windows.


To get started, it is recommended to have some experience with Selenium, Linux shell, and Docker. We also expect to have Docker installed on your computer and have some examples of Selenium tests to run.

– Selenium WebDriver
– Docker

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