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Agile Testing Training

Effective agile testing for active engineers

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In the software development industry, we observe two types of companies and teams: ones who work using Agile processes and others who are switching to Agile from classic models. In SDClabs, our teams are passionate about following Agile practices and Scrum processes; understanding their advantages and benefits, we also help companies and teams to adopt these practices. We teach effective integration of QA, exploratory test, and test automation best practices of Scrum and Agile.

The goal of this training is to explain the principles of Agile Testing and how it is integrated into software development and Scrum. We will cover all aspects, from the team setup to the completion of tasks and reporting.

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2 days
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10 persons
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Onsite, online
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Workshop agenda

General overview

General overview

– Principles and goals of testing, connection with Product risk
– How many tests are enough?
– Art of bug hunting vs. formal approaches
– Test levels: unit, API, UI, end-to-end integration
– Test types and methodologies in a real project
Software development process

Software development process

– Attributes of defect/bug. How to fill defect report so that it will not be rejected
– Defect severity vs. priority
– Test tracking and Release readiness
– Required communication for successful testing the project
– What information and statistics need to be reported and how
– Defect triage meeting
– Evolution of life cycle models, from Waterfall to Agile, benefits and drawbacks
Agile world

Agile world

– Principles of Agile testing: why it saves time and money
– When testing is needed in Agile
– Problem of testing time shortening at the end of the sprint
– Documenting and managing test cases; test management systems
– Traceability: User story – Test Case – Defect
– Repeatable tests vs. one-time tests; Exploratory tests


– How to manage test Environments and Test Data
– Brief introduction to test automation: goals, principles, tools


This training is suitable for any level starting from beginners. Some general knowledge about software development and testing would be helpful.

There is no specific software required for this training. You will need a working browser and any document editor, such as MS Word or Google Docs.

Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us get success in problems of all levels.

We will work on test project and perform elements of:
– Test Planning
– Test Case management and documentation
– Manual testing
– Test Reporting
– Raising Defects
– Defect triage/bug scrub


Sergey Almyashev

Principal consultant, engineer, and manager with 14+ years of experience

Sergey is an expert consultant passionate about Agile practices in Development and Testing with a strong focus on Software Quality. He has already helped many teams understand, learn, and enjoy the next efficiency level of Development, Manual and Automated Testing.

He worked for multinational organizations from very small to the world largest with complex onsite and remote teams. Having years of experience in product and outsourcing/vendor companies, he has a complete picture of organizing teams, processes, and tools.

Sergey has 14+ years in QA, Automated, Exploratory, and Performance testing as well as Continuous Integration and Delivery processes within the Scrum processes.


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