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sdclabs is small innovative niche IT company that builds full cycle test automation at scale. We did many projects and understood that test automation is not easy process as you would think. It can be easily failed due to many reasons. Test automation is our passion. We learn daily how to do it right and can help you achieve success with it. Our focus is only about full cycle test automation with full range of related services and we are highly skilled in it. sdclabs ready to help create something special you would love to use
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10+ years in software testing, 6+ years in test automation, 4+ years in development

6+ years in software testing, 4+ years in test automation, consultant / trainer.

11+ years in software testing, 8+ years in test automation, 7+ years in management
6+ years in test automation, 5+ years in software development
9+ years in software testing, 8+ years in test automation, 6+ years in management, 3+ years as a trainer

6+ years in software testing, 3+ years in management, 3+ years in trainings
6+ years in software testing, 3+ years in test automation
7+ years in test automation and mobile test automation
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Aleks Tkachenko
It was a great journey into the best practices of automation using cutting edge Java technology stack. Consultant explanations are very clear and in my case the goals we set up had been reached fast when learning and where I needed to use it (the knowledge). It's great to have such people reachable and willing to help. Thank you!
Irina Tralo
I would like to thanks for consulting. Complex CI and infrastructure tasks are solved in just 1 hour. Really professionals! Recommended
Kristina Lavrentieva
sdclabs team provided a technical evaluation service for the Keepgo R&D team, As a quick growing hi-tech company we had a lack of middle management to conduct technical interviews. sdclabs and team filled this gap perfectly. They helped us to close the following positions: QA Team Lead Embedded, Senior QA Automation, IT Security Manager. High-quality quick feedbacks and interviews with the deep checking of the requered skills, professional approach, great understanding of the company's technologies and product, detailed reports. I highly recommend Mykhailo and his team for any type of cooperation. All the interviews were conducted by Skype and we never had a delays or cancellations from the sdclabs side.
Rodion Savchuk
I don't trust to any feedbacks with good rating however I can't give 4 stars for such excellent work after consulting session. I even know why. I contacted when I struggled with fulfilling the particular task. Mykhailo gave me push in the right direction just in one hour. If you feel something goes wrong and you need a mentor that will give your magic push to make steps forward then this service is for you. But I would recommend to think about your situation and questions beforehand as you may not have too much time during the session. Even though you can rely on help.
Olja Shabanova
I really like consultation that guys are doing and it's very pity I didn't find them year or two ago. I tried to learn all by myself from internet examples and progress was not so good :( We created basic test automation framework and infrastructure that may be used for any projects just in two sessions with Serhii. That's amazing! Now I know what main and basic principles of test automation framework building and you know I understand how to make everything by myself. Really appreciate your help and results we achieved and that thanks you are doing such a good on consulting and learning activities.
and other 23 feedbacks ...
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