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From the founders of Selenoid and Moon. Official enterprise support.
DevOps and test automation audit, consulting, outsourcing, outstaffing, trainings.
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We are creating large scale software testing infrastructure for more than 6 years and know how to run 1000+ browsers that will not bother you with memory leaks, concurrency, balancing and availability issues.

Our experience in building large Selenium clusters allows us to create scalable Selenium WebDriver installation that will fit your needs.

Selenoid is a powerful implementation of Selenium hub using Docker containers to launch browsers.
lightweight server launching isolated browsers in Docker containers
Self hosted
Single binary
Superior support
We provide a full range of activities related to Selenoid, Moon, Selenium WebDriver, Docker and test automation infrastructure
Audit and review
Seeking a way to improve your execution? Have a infrastructure audit carried out and get professional feedback from our experts.
We have built a lot of test automation projects and know how to do it right. We know the Selenium WebDeriver + Docker internals and know how to make it fit your specific needs.
Outsourcing and outstaffing
Ready to join your project(s) and implement necessary test automation development and infrastructure activities upon your needs to achieve goals and milestones
Education and workshops
Learn how to write meaningful infrastructure and build a sustainable test architecture at our training sessions and workshops. We provide webinars as well as on-shore education at your office.
We will gladly cover your software testing & devops resource needs
If you lack of test team and engineers
We are building solid automated tests infrastructure with Selenium + Docker. 5 reasons to choose us:
We are experts in Selenium Webdriver and Docker
We encourage building only minimal, meaningful infrastructure around your tests
We bring power of test automation at scale to enable your Continuous Delivery
We do on-shore office consulting as well as remote work
Clients like our expertise and vision on modern software development
We Customize Projects Approach Up to Your Needs
New Test Automation Infrastructure

We develop test automation infrastructure from scratch for your software testing team. We work remotely as well as onsite: we use Selenium Webdriver, Docker, cloud technologies and other tools. We can build effective infrastructure for any technology stack like java, python, ruby, php, c#.

Our team of infrastructure \ devops engineers makes meaningful, stable, and reliable infrastructure and integrate it in Conitnuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes.
Revamping Existed Project

Existed software testing infrastructure needs its own treatment as you need to improve it and not to break everything. Some parts of infrastructure needs to be refactored to achieve new SLA and KPIs, etc.

We cover the leaking holes with test automation infrastructure and help you to pump out the outdated infrastructure for your project. Our team of infrastructure \ devops engineers makes audit, issues fixing, components and software packages rebuilding to create better testing environment.

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Our clients love us
I would like to thanks sdclabs.com for consulting. Complex CI and infrastructure tasks are solved. Really professionals! Recommended
Irina Tralo
I really like consultation that guys are doing and it's very pity I didn't find them year or two ago. I tried to learn all by myself from internet examples and progress was not so good :( We created basic test automation framework and infrastructure that may be used for any projects just in two sessions with Serhii. That's amazing! Now I know what main and basic principles of test automation framework building and you know I understand how to make everything by myself. Really appreciate your help and results we achieved and that thanks you are doing such a good on consulting and learning activities.
Olja Shabanova
I want to thank for the assistance with the development of the test automation project from scratch. sdclabs.com consultant was almost immediately offered possible solutions to non-trivial and often complex situations, and helped me to bring them to a working condition. And what was really important to me, all these decisions and code implementation fit into my framework nicely. There were numerous architectural and integration proposals for the development of the project. Consultant showed a very professional and flexible work both online and offline. Quick sum: developed framework gives the opportunity to cover the auto tests (backend + frontend) the majority of the projects in my company.
Gleb Eremeev
Stuck on one tech. problem, postpone it as can't resolve it. I think I will not pay for this, will look thru and find a solution as it usually happened. But at some point I realized that I just can't do it alone! And it was a pleasure/delight when some expert looked at the code and get a workable solution literally within 15 minutes. Generally in an hour I have everything fixed with the help of sdclabs.com. So very thankful sdclabs.com helped me in difficult time. Once again convinced that it is not necessary to spare money for training/tips from the professionals!
Bogomaz Aleksei
and more 29 feedbacks ...
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