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Codeception is a feature rich and all-purpose testing framework for PHP. Codeception provides a rich set of tools to make tests fast and effective. Most of the common steps are already implemented by a world wide group of contributors. Thus, less code needs to be written to cover application features.

Outside and Inside
Codeception supports testing systems from the user’s perspective with a browser and internally with unit and integration tests.
Code Quality
Codeception tests are written in a scenario driven manner and are very simple to read, write, and maintain.
Behavior Driven Development is aimed to establish one language between development, QA, and business teams. Codeception can combine regression tests with feature tests in Gherkin format.
Continuous Testing
Codeception plays well with Continuous Integration services and provides good looking reports for build results.
General Testing
Codeception can run acceptance, functional, and unit tests keeping all them inside one framework.
API Testing
Codeception is the most powerful tool for API testing in PHP. It can be used for fast and effective testing of REST and SOAP endpoints.

We provide a full range of activities related to both Codeception and Test Automation


We have built a lot of test automation projects and know how to do it right. We know the Codeception internals and know how to make it fit your specific needs.

Audit and code review
Audit and code review

Seeking a way to improve your tests? Have a code audit carried out and get professional feedback from our experts.

Outsourcing and outstaffing
Outsourcing and outstaffing

Ready to join your project(s) and implement necessary test automation activities upon your needs to achieve goals and milestones

Education and workshops
Education and workshops

Learn how to write meaningful tests and build a sustainable test architecture at our training sessions and workshops. We provide webinars as well as on-shore education at your office.

We will also gladly cover your software testing & devops needs If you lack of test team and engineers

We are building solid automated tests infrastructure with Codeception. 5 reasons to choose us:

We are experts in Codeception, an enterprise-ready PHP testing framework
We bring testing to all levels: unit / functional / acceptance
We do on-shore office consulting as well as remote work
Clients like our expertise and vision on modern software development
We encourage building only minimal, meaningful tests around your specification
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We Customize Projects Approach Up to Your Needs

New Test Automation Development

We develop functional and acceptance tests for your software. We work remotely: we use Codeception, Selenium Webdriver, PhantomJS, and other tools. Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal projects are welcome, as well as those built with other frameworks and in languages other than PHP.

Our team of QA engineers writes meaningful, stable, and efficient tests. We can setup process automation tools: Conitnuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, etc.

Revamping Legacy Project

Legacy software needs its own treatment. Some parts of application needs to be refactored to develop new features, some should be left as they are. Both needs good coverage by characterization tests to ensure that the system works no matter of how old the application is or how many developers were involved in that.

We cover the leaking holes with acceptance tests and help you to pump out the outdated code from your application. It is considered harmful to do any refactoring without introducing automated tests at first. Tests will show you the system works and helps you to keep it working while refactoring.

Leadership team

PHP, Codeception experts that ready to dive into your projects

Mykhailo Poliarush

CEO, Founder & Principal Consultant

Sergey Almyashev

COO, Manager & Principal consultant

Mikhail Bodnarchuk

CTO, Codeception and CodeceptJS founder

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The primary goal is to set up an effective process in place to achieve great results in a short amount of time

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Let us help you take development and test automation further. We offer a number of trainings that can help you and your organization get the most out of our enterprise support. Request a quote at trainings@sdclabs.com

Web test automation with Codeception Advanced

2 days training to learn advanced tips&tricks to write better tests with less code

1200 €

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Web test automation with Codeception

2 days workshops for engineers to learn how to build web PHP test automation with Selenium WebDriver

700 €

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Unit testing with Codeception

2 days workshop for engineers to learn how to make do PHP unit testing right

500 € 700 €

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REST API testing workshop with Codeception

1 day workshop for engineers to learn to cover rest api testing for web applications

300 € 600 €

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Full stack testing with Codeception

4 days workshop for engineers to dive deep on all aspects of codeception usage

700 € 1200 €

RegisterMedium level
Testing legacy applications with Codeception

2 days workshop for engineers to learn how to make a robust test automation on legacy apps

400 € 600 €

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