Web Test Automation with CodeceptJS

Deep dive into the CodeceptJS
Learn how to do JS test automation nicely

2 days
End to end or acceptance tests are very important for every application. The code can work perfectly but user still can see blank screen on a site. How to avoid this? This training teaches how to drive browsers via Selenium WebDriver; how to test complex UIs, and deal with single page applications. CodeceptJS allows to write tests effectively in by implementing high-level API. Such tests are easy to write, read and maintain. We will also cover how to manage data inside a test.
JS Engineers
Target audience
Course type
2 days
Course duration
15 persons
Average amount in a group
Course level
Theory / practice
Onsite, online
Fee for the course
Training agenda
General overview
End 2 End testing basics
Selenium WebDriver and other testing tools.
Web UI test automation
Writing web tests using CodeceptJS
Locating elements on a web page
Waiting for elements to appear.
Common patterns
Refactoring tests with PageObjects and StepObjects
Limitations of Selenium
Extending CodeceptJS to handle complex UI elements
Advanced testing
Managing Test Data.
Using headless Chrome, NightmareJS and Docker to optimize execution of services.
Cloud-based testing.
Parallel execution of tests.
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