Productivity Management Platform

A solution for managing the productivity of office employees at the computer. It displays employees' actual performance through the analysis of the time spent in various work and personal apps.
The solution includes a desktop version, a web solution, and a mobile application with cloud storage. The platform is presented with several custom panel formats depending on roles and positions.
People management
Web app, Desktop app
5 members
Ireland, Norway

Key company information – A startup that analyzes and assesses the efficiency of time spent at the computer. By developing the solution, the company received an investment in the business accelerator in 3 rounds.

key company and project overview – The desktop solution to identify personal productivity while working on a computer. But after several cooperation cycles, the tasks expanded, and our company managed to help the client release a cross-platform product: a desktop app, a web service, and mobile software.

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Project Idea
Developed from scratch, an application is based on a deep mathematical model for assessing the actual efficiency of an employee at a computer.
Project challenges
Building a desktop solution considering the privacy policy of apps installed on the computer. Adaptation of the solution for the web with cloud data storage. Optimization of interfaces for corporate user requirements and the creation of a mobile version.
Project in Details
The Productivity Management Platform has been designed from scratch and synchronized with all major operating systems.
Business Challenges
Creation of a POC version of the product to confirm business hypotheses and launching the full version of the solution for monetization through the sale to corporate companies.
Target audience
Initially, the product was aimed at private PC users, but after testing the MVP version, companies with a large staff became the target audience.
Bringing the POC version to the corporate market, monetizing the solution through the sale to interested corporate clients.
Project deliverables

Values delivered

SDCLabs specialists built solution algorithms based on the customer’s mathematical model. For optimal functioning, chains of competent data collection were developed inside an event on a computer, considering the privacy policies of users’ apps. When adapting the solution to corporate requirements, the developers optimized 40% of the front-end and back-end of the project architecture. Also, new roles were introduced as well as new mechanisms for sending, storing, and processing data in the cloud. So, the solution allowed collecting productivity results for each team member and transferring the processed data to managers to improve the efficiency of employees.


We created architecture and data models, set up cloud servers, and developed back-end, web UI (website+admin console), Windows and macOS background services, and iOS and Android apps.


Several major versions of the product are released and delivered to the customer. After alpha and beta testing, mobile apps are released on the Appstore and Google Play.

Feature – Development of an analytical unit for personal effectiveness
We implemented an algorithm for collecting data on user productivity in various work and personal apps. It adheres to the restrictions on access to users’ personal information according to the privacy policy. Based on the customer’s mathematical model, all analytics are displayed in concise diagrams with clear hints.
Feature – Development of a module for monitoring team productivity
Based on the needs of corporate users, we built a manager’s dashboard that allows you to monitor the productivity of work at the computer for both the entire team and individual specialists. By tracking productivity across different apps, a manager can build clear tactics for training and improving employee performance.
Feature – Building a cloud data exchange algorithm
To track progress and make analytics available everywhere (even about remote employees), our developers involved a cloud storage system for data about the performance of employees and departments. So, even if the user changes the computer, the productivity history will be saved.
Feature – Development of a mobile version of the solution
Considering the increased working time of corporate employees via smartphones, our engineers built a mobile version, which collects data on user productivity in mobile apps. The solution has been successfully released on the App Store and Google Play.

Feature - logistics module

We’ve created a complete transfer of warehouses’ information from the customer’s WMS to our system. We’ve provided a data pull-in via the “all by one-click” feature (CSV upload). It allows users to add data easily, validate it, and avoid labor-consuming one-by-one input.
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Feature - Management system

We’ve created a “Jobs for delivery” module to establish integration with customer’s WMS. The transportation management services solution supports receiving Jobs/Delivery lists and clear data flow with real-time updates.
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Team Feedback

Team Feedback

At the beginning of cooperation, the project’s idea seemed quite non-standard and interesting. The intersection of psychological patterns and mathematical models made it possible to look at everyday activities at the computer from a completely different point of view. At the same time, the specialists from the customer's side explained all the details of the project, assumptions, ideas, and implementation variations. Thanks to this, we could clearly understand what was needed and turn it into an exciting product.


We developed a full-fledged system for managing personal user productivity on a computer and smartphone. With optimized server and front-end parts, the solution is adapted to the needs of corporate users. Our app allowed the client to raise funding on a business accelerator in 3 rounds successfully.

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