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Bogomaz Aleksei
Stuck on one tech. problem, postpone it as can't resolve it. I think I will not pay for this, will look thru and find a solution as it usually happened. But at some point I realized that I just can't do it alone! And it was a pleasure/delight when some expert looked at the code and get a workable solution literally within 15 minutes. Generally in an hour I have everything fixed with the help of So very thankful helped me in difficult time. Once again convinced that it is not necessary to spare money for training/tips from the professionals!
Olja Shabanova
I really like consultation that guys are doing and it's very pity I didn't find them year or two ago. I tried to learn all by myself from internet examples and progress was not so good :( We created basic test automation framework and infrastructure that may be used for any projects just in two sessions with Serhii. That's amazing! Now I know what main and basic principles of test automation framework building and you know I understand how to make everything by myself. Really appreciate your help and results we achieved and that thanks you are doing such a good on consulting and learning activities.
Inga Kovalevskaya
С удовольствием рекомендую Михаила и Андрея как настоящих профи и терепеливых учителей. Сочетание цены и качества их консультаций в итоге превзошли все мои ожидания. Я новичок в программировании вообще и в программировании на Python в частности. Они же помогли мне перейти на совершенно новый уровень в освоении Python и понимании профессиональных подходов к написанию кода за рекордно короткий отрезок времени. Я очень благодарна им за оперативную помощь и ответственный профессиональный подход к решению очень важной для меня задачи. Теперь ступор и страх в написании кода меня больше не посещают и я потихоньку прргрессирую сама, используя подсказанные ими методы тестирования и разбора новых для меня функций. Я с удовольствием вернусь за новой серией консультаций, как только почувствую, что исчерпала запас своего энтузиазма, сама не в состоянии двигаться дальше и нуждаюсь в "волшебном пинке". Спасибо вам, Михаил и Андрей, еще раз!
Gleb E.
I want to thank for the assistance with the development of the test automation project from scratch. consultant was almost immediately offered possible solutions to non-trivial and often complex situations, and helped me to bring them to a working condition. And what was really important to me, all these decisions and code implementation fit into my framework nicely. There were numerous architectural and integration proposals for the development of the project. Consultant showed a very professional and flexible work both online and offline. Quick sum: developed framework gives the opportunity to cover the auto tests (backend + frontend) the majority of the projects in my company.
Rodion Savchuk
I don't trust to any feedbacks with good rating however I can't give 4 stars for such excellent work after consulting session. I even know why. I contacted when I struggled with fulfilling the particular task. Mykhailo gave me push in the right direction just in one hour. If you feel something goes wrong and you need a mentor that will give your magic push to make steps forward then this service is for you. But I would recommend to think about your situation and questions beforehand as you may not have too much time during the session. Even though you can rely on help.
and other 30 feedbacks ...
Case study
Help client to develop universal approach to access to project's data and adopt results into current project
Technology stack: python, py.test, unittest, behave.
INITIAL STATE: Need to develop python module that will allow flexible management of server-side configuration thru json format. Data should be stored as hashmap or dictionary. Keys, values and nesting data structures in different cases may be different. Need to develop quick, simple but powerfull approach to build data that will suit to different situations and then will be transformed to json request.

RESULT: 1 hour of consulting. Implemented code. Solved client's task. 100% understanding of implemented solution

  • 5 minutes on things clarification
  • 15 minutes on review existing code
  • 10 minutes on explaning approach and theory
  • 10 minutes on code development
  • 10 minutes on code adoption into project
  • 10 minutes on code testing and further recommendations
from collections import defaultdict
_default_data = lambda: defaultdict(_default_data)
data = _default_data()
# some logic here
print data["server"]
# some logic here
data["server"]["host"] = ""
data["server"]["port"] = "22"
# some logic here
if data["configuration"]["ssh"]["login"]:
    print ("some logic")
# some logic here
data["configuration"]["ssh"]["access"] = "true"
data["configuration"]["ssh"]["login"] = "some"
data["configuration"]["ssh"]["password"] = "some"

import json
print json.dumps(data, indent=2)
>>> defaultdict( at 0x02565930>, {})
>>> {
>>>   "configuration": {
>>>     "ssh": {
>>>       "access": "true",
>>>       "login": "some",
>>>       "password": "some"
>>>     }
>>>   },
>>>   "server": {
>>>     "host": "",
>>>     "port": "22"
>>>   }
>>> }                    
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