Productivity Management Platform

How SDClabs developed an application from scratch based on a deep mathematical model for assessing the actual efficiency of an employee at a computer

People management
Ireland, Norway
2018 – 2021
1 Project Manager, 1 UX/UI Designer, 2 React Developers, 1 QA Engineer

Technologies, Frameworks, Tools: Ruby on Rails, Sidekick, C++, Swift, WinAPI, MacOS system API, QT, Amazon SQS, Digital Ocean cloud hosting, PostgreSQL Stripe, Amazon Web Services, React Native

The Productivity Management Platform is a solution that aims to measure an employee's work productivity at the computer to assess overall work efficiency.

Project Background

The startup company has developed a complex mathematical model that helps to identify the personal productivity of users when they work at a computer.

But considering limited funding and technical staff, it was required to implement the idea into a fully functional desktop application.

With the POC version, the startup entered the project financing programs. As a result, in terms of the efficiency of the business model, it was decided to change the product concept for corporate companies.

Customer Request

In 2018, an Irish STO approached SDClabs to develop a desktop solution to identify personal productivity while working on a computer.

But in the course of several cycles of cooperation, the tasks expanded, and our company managed to help the client release a cross-platform product: a desktop, a web application, and a mobile system.

Project challenges

Development of a desktop solution based on a non-standard mathematical model
Working with data privacy policies in applications on a computer.
Adaptation of a desktop application for a web solution demanded by the audience.
Recording and storing analytics data on a cloud server.
Optimization of interfaces for corporate requirements and tasks of the customer's clients.
Development of a mobile version of the application.

Values delivered

Optimal construction of algorithms for the customer's mathematical model.
Competent collection of data regarding actions on a computer, taking into account the privacy policy.
Optimization of 40% of the front-end and back-end of the project architecture for the current business model.
Building mechanisms for collecting, processing, and recording statistics on the productivity of each team member.
Creation of interfaces for coaches, team leaders, and company team members.
Creation of an MVP application and functional testing of the product before going into production.

Key Features

Team member survey
SDClabs specialists developed surveys for team members before starting the analysis and during the performance assessment process. The data capture employee focus, stress, and mood to provide a baseline for assessing individual performance.
Productivity recommendation system
SDClabs engineers have implemented a feature that advises team leaders or designates to improve personal and team performance based on analysis and HRM best practices.
Analysis of personal and team productivity
SDClabs transformed the client’s mathematical model into an objective algorithm for assessing productivity based on 10 key criteria. Users and managers can track the dynamics and impacts of different aspects of life/work on efficiency.


According to the client, the unique model of the system made it possible to reveal low efficiency in one of the large corporate companies.

Thanks to the recommendations and solutions offered in the system, the company transformed the work of the personnel positively without additional investments and changes in the schedule.

It ensured productivity higher than the established one already in the first months of using the service, which allowed the company to bring additional profit.